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Feature rich APIs and SMS server, and easy access to a 100% reliable Australian SMS gateway


As Australia’s largest business SMS service provider, we’ve developed a range of APIs that SMS enable your business applications quickly and cost effectively. Each API and SMS server has a full range of features, can be easily integrated, and connects seamlessly to an SMS gateway with a 100% gateway uptime guarantee – the only one in Australia.

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SMS API Features:

  • Fast, simple integration
  • Fully featured APIs: delivery tracking to handset, web push to enable real time delivery of inbound SMS, reply messages flagged to correspond to outbound message, HTTPS/ SSL secure mode
  • We run 3 SMS gateways concurrently to ensure back-up is always available
  • Our SMS gateway has a 100% gateway uptime guarantee
  • MessageMedia SMS traffic is backed by multiple Tier-1 Australian carriers
  • Expert technical support
  • 2 way functionality
  • Global coverage

SMS SDKs and documentation:

MessageMedia software development kits (SDKs) contain everything you need to SMS enable your website or application - sample code, re-usable libraries and general advice. Please contact us if your language/environment isn’t listed, more often than not we have a solution on hand.  


Our SOAP/XML API can be leveraged by any programming language and platform that can transfer XML data over the internet via either SOAP, HTTP-POST or upload via FTP. The API allows direct communication (secured or non-secured), with the MessageMedia gateway, for the transfer and receipt of SMS, voice messages and mixed-format messages. Message tracking, and validation is also incorporated. We support a range of XML transport methods:

  • Via SOAP 1.1 web service
  • Via FTP

SOAP API Documentation


The MessageMedia .NET component was designed to be developer-friendly, it reduces the complexity of dealing with internet and MessageMedia gateway protocols, and is written in VB.NET for flexibility and a fast turn-around time. It can be used in any Windows programming environment that supports the .NET framework and .NET components. Tested/known-to-work environments:

  • Visual Basic.NET
  • Visual C++.NET
  • Visual C#.NET

.NET API Documentation

Download .NET API


This API is provided as source code, which should be included in your applications. Because PHP is an interpreted language, PHP applications will run on any machine that has an interpreter installed, ie Linux, Windows and Unix. The API provides a wrapper for communicating with the MessageMedia SMS gateway via port 80 (or port 443 for encrypted SSL communications) directly or via a proxy server.

PHP API Documentation

Download PHP API


This API was created using Java, making it compatible with all platforms that have Java installed. This developer-friendly product has the capabilities to offer an encrypted SSL link to the server.

JAVA API Documentation

Download JAVA API

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions on our APIs and SMS gateway, or call us on 1800 155 228


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MessageMedia is a global leader in business text messaging solutions. We have over 10,000 business/government clients and they come to us because our SMS solutions allow them to communicate with customers and staff in a simple and economical way. Our reputation is built on technical expertise, industry experience, quality support and service reliability. From mass SMS and desktop SMS to SMS API gateways, if you need a business grade SMS service provider, you've come to the right place.